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Thanks again! Our members were raving about you long after you left. Your message is timely and right on point for a world that needs reality checks based in optimism! 

Bruce McAllister, Rockyview 2020


Had a great day! Lots of compliments about your speech; you take complex issues and make them very understandable; it went really well! 

Danny Hozack, Economic Education Association of Alberta

Mark did an excellent job and was exactly what we hoped for. The Q&A portion went on for some time, which is always a good indication of how much our people are engaged! 

Tiffany Yaxley, CWLS

I really liked how Mark identified ‘ideas’, ‘interests’ and ‘individuals’ and how they have to be in a certain balance to create likely change. 

Anita Carey, Certified Childcare Educator


Mark did his homework! His remarks resonated with the audience and were both captivating and timely. The speech was well-received and provided the mix of humour, facts and opinion that only someone with his bona fides can deliver. The result was a memorable speech that our members thoroughly enjoyed.

Guy Huntington, BILD Calgary


Mark’s keynote to a room of forestry industry professionals wove together key economic indicators as well as some of the underlying political imperatives “behind the numbers” to tell a story which had the attention of the room. A good measure of how successful a speaker is, is to gauge the number of conversations between participants after the presentation is over. Mark’s talk did exactly that with our group!

Paul Whittaker, President and CEO, Alberta Forest Products Association

Mark Milke was an excellent choice. Thoughtful and well-spoken, he provided delegates with insight into the opportunities for business managers in the the Pacific Rim and other foreign markets.

Alex Carrick, CMD Group


Mark has a unique ability to discuss and debate the complex political and economic issues of our time. He provides a compelling historical perspective, emphasizing the importance of sound public policy and the impact it has on our daily lives.

Mark A. Scholz
President and CEO


You blew them away! Great job!

Scott McFayden, Canadian Propane Association



Awesome! Such a great speech!

Licia Corbella
Calgary Herald