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No one disputes that some people are victims—of others, accidents, and life. But we also all know someone who thinks like a victim.

The Victim Cult is about those who play the victim card—multiplied by millions—where entire societies become stuck blaming others. They include over-the-top victim claims on university campuses, (some) First Nations leaders, and Donald Trump’s self-pitying claims and beyond, The Victim Cult examines this culture of victimhood and blame and its effects, but also how to escape it. 

The Victim Cult: How the culture of blame hurts everyone and wrecks civilizations, published by Thomas & Black, will be in bookstores November 1. Look for excerpts this autumn in the National Post and other publications.

Pre-order your copy now direct, or at Chapters-Indigo. E-books can also be ordered from Chapters-Indigo and Amazon.

From the foreword and reader reviews

“In reading this book, I saw what I had learned put in print for the first time: The false narratives or ideologies that convince people that they are doomed to fail and that someone else or something else is to blame.” Ellis Ross, former elected chief councillor, Haisla First Nation

“Your introduction made me want to keep reading. It also told me that you are sane, in that you know the real problem lies in our individual hearts, so, as a reader, I know I can trust you. And your love for humanity shines through throughout the book.” — Tricia Radison

“I'd like to tell you how refreshing it is to read something so full of common sense!” — Louise Fairly

Coming this November

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All my keynotes are designed to break through foggy thinking and to inform and challenge your audience with clarity. Think of them as “brain candy” for your audience.

My speeches deliberately avoid contrived corporate-speak, Orwellian Newspeak, and clichés. All that is akin to filling an already fog-choked valley with thicker fog.

Instead, whether in my speech about the dangers of victim thinking but the possibilities of self-actualization through deliberate choice (from my new book The Victim Cult); or in another keynote speech—Dead Men Tell No Tales But Dead Numbers Do (about why investment and proper government policy matters to prosperity); or why chronic critiques of Western civilization are flawed, I always offer: a clear explanation of the problem; why it matters to your audience; how they can think, live, and act with a clear head on those and others issues.

Think of my keynotes as akin to that description of Montana—big sky country—where a high perch and a blue sky allow for a clear view of the stunning, beautiful landscape.


Feel free to contact me about those and other keynotes that might work for your audience.


The folly of fiat

King Canute showed his subjects that no, even he couldn’t stop the tide from coming in. A thousand years later, too many politicians don’t seem to understand that economies can’t “transition” by decree.

No, Fidel Castro did not deliver a better Cuba

Before Fidel Castro’s repressive revolution and state came along, Cubans were already educated, showed decent health-care outcomes and were entrepreneurial. Read more about Fidel Castro and Cuba’s previous prosperity here.

America’s fall from ‘Morning Again’ to ‘Great Again’

Ronald Reagan never wavered in his conviction that America was a great country that would prevail over enemies of democracy and freedom. His current successor governs on the premise that America is no longer great.