Mark Milke on National Post radio, on The Economist’s error-prone Alberta article


Ralph Klein and Rachel Notley: Two Alberta premiers compared on job creation


Rachel Notley and Che Guevara; Mark Milke on Charles Adler Tonight


Ralph vs. Rachel: How to objectively compare two unique Alberta premiers


Ralph vs. Rachel: The MoneyTalks interview with Michael Campbell


Does David Suzuki deserve an honorary degree?

The proposed honorary degree to Suzuki from the University of Alberta signifies a deeper problem. My interview with Charles Adler. 


British Columbia's new speculation tax

British Columbia's new tax on "speculation" will do the opposite of what the government intends. The new tax will shrink supply relative to demand and drive up rents.  My QR 77 interview.

Fake news: Three strategies

Information overload and the fact we like fake news when it confirms our bias. Those are two reasons fake news exists and can spread. 

So what can we do about it? Let's start with cutting down the information flow...


This won't hurt (much)! Why reality is your ally, not your enemy

Think reality is negative, as in "let's just face reality in this situation"? Actually, reality can be a useful highway sign that points to a better route. 

How to be 'Apple' and not 'Sears'

Imagine Apple without Steve Jobs, World War Two without American allies, and life without soap.

A three-part dynamic, an interplay, exists in all causes, groups and in nations with impact. This talk explores those three factors.


Why white snow and black dirt matter: Canada's middle class

Canada is not Hawaii and yet some think that our most natural advantages - resources, our closeness to the American market, the potential for Asian trade - should be skipped in favour of magical job creation efforts. 

Problem: All this kills investment, middle-class opportunities and jobs. It costs governments a fortune in tax revenues. 



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