Books by Mark


Tax Me I'm Canadian! 

Tax Me I'm Canadian! is a national bestseller and has a number of unique themes: How many Canadian taxes were first implemented in the United States-the type and higher rates only later migrated north; why government spending is too often under the control of special interests and not the public interest; why it's a myth that income tax is illegal or unconstitutional; a look at the debate over taxes and civilization; and how Canadians can get a better bang for their taxpayer buck.

"It's Milke's tax history lesson that offers the most brilliant inspiration: Let's take back our heritage. Let's go back to our Canadian roots. No more 'American-style' taxes on everything that moves." Linda Leatherdale, Toronto Sun

Published by Thomas & Black. Available at your local bookstore or online.   


Stealth Confiscation

In 1976, the Alberta government told an Edmonton farmer his private land was to be expropriated for a park. It offered him a pittance in compensation. Only in court, years later, did the province admit it actually wanted his land for a highway-which would have triggered much higher compensation.

Published in 2012, Stealth Confiscation details stories of infringed property rights. The book provides some remedies-a European approach to property where both expropriation and also "regulatory takings" (where a government devalues property through regulation) are both properly compensated for.   

Published by the Fraser Institute. Available at your local bookstore or online for free .


A Nation of Serfs?

Imagine if a one-time IRA member had toasted the break-up of Great Britain only to later marry a British royal-and remain unapologetic. Something like this happened in Canada when a new Governor-General was appointed and her husband turned out to be a founder of the Front de libération du Québec-a 1970s-era terrorist, separatist cell that violently pursued Canada's break-up. 

"Only in Canada" one might say.

This book examines Canada's too-forgiving political culture which leads to multiple absurdities that fray the national fabric.     

Published in 2006 by Wiley & Sons. Out of print but you may be able to find a copy at


Barbarians in the Garden City

This was my first book, published in 2001. Barbarians shot to the top of the bestseller list in British Columbia and hit #1, where it stayed for six months until the provincial election that year.    

Over-budget fast ferries; a faked provincial budget known as the "fudge it" budget; tilted labour legislation and attempts by the provincial government to skirt the law. All that and much more are chronicled in this book.

In his book review, then-Vancouver Sun editorial page editor Trevor Lautens said Barbarians in the Garden City could have been "an exhaustive 26-volume chronicle of these abuses of power". He remarked my much shorter version was a "comprehensive solidly researched" book written with "style and wit".  

Published by Thomas & Black. Out of print but you may be able to find a copy at