How governments work and politicians think - and how you can change both




Ever wonder why politicians in a liberal democracy seem not to represent you?

Ever wonder why governments tie up entrepreneurs with too-high taxes, more regulation and pointless delays? 

Ever wonder if you - as a citizen - can sway either?

If you've ever asked the above and much more, you're not alone. For two decades. I've heard from many people on what frustrates them about government. And behind closed doors, politicians also say they want sensible policy but are often blocked by special interests or public opinion. 

Some people give up and are cynical about politics. That's a sub-par choice. It is better to grasp how the process works. That opens up a path to positive reforms.  


Big Sky Clarity: What matters to politicians

If politics affects your life or your business - and it does - here's what matters to politicians and government and thus to better outcomes.  

  • Public opinion: Many people think the "currency" of politics is money. Wrong. Think votes. Politicians who ignore the public are akin to a business that ignores consumers. They can't do that and neither should you if you wish to impact government.
  • Media: Journalists have a "megaphone". They can amplify an issue and make politicians react. That can help or harm matters but it impacts political behaviour.     
  • Influencers: Those in the circle around a politician: friends, colleagues, acquaintances and others whether from politics, law, economics, science, journalism, academia, business and other fields.

This last factor is the most important element in politics because it's the most personal.

After all, ask yourself this question: If you were in the public eye 24/7, and your every opinion known, would you regularly take positions that friends would scorn?

Question: With anything that involves politicians and governments, can you avoid harm, and help with better outcomes?

This keynote's reality check process 

Yes, and this this talk includes behavioural insights drawn from real-world political decisions, media dynamics and personal networks. It blazes a path away from foggy frustrations with government and politicians and away from too-easy cynicism. 

The benefit? Audience members gain clarity on how media, public opinion and personal lives affect those in the corridors of power. Your audience will grasp how they and their "web" - especially in our social media age - can impact government in pursuit of a better world.